Monday, November 21, 2011

How to get rid fleas on cats for good!

Fleas on your cats do not just make them itch, fleas can also make your pet fall sick or even die, if left untreated. Hence, if you noticed your pet cat scratching or licking itself excessively, do not brush it off, give your cat the attention it needs!

There are many different types of fleas, but the most common type of cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis, is usually the one infesting and sucking the blood of your cat. This can cause your cat to be anemic due to the loss of blood. Skin allergies like dermatitis may also affect your pet from the excessive scratching. Prevent your cat from licking itself too much as it may accidentally ingest tapeworms too. Be extra careful if your cat is still young or is sick because their immune system is low and more susceptible to such problems!

Now let me give you 5 tips to get rid of these irritating critters:

Combing your cat
Use a flea comb or any other comb with fine bristles to brush your cat’s fur. Before you start combing, lay the ground with white cloth or tissue paper. This is to allow you to see for yourself the amount of fleas and flea dirt that are hiding in your cat’s fur as they fall off! Remember to soak the comb in a basin of warm water after every brush to kill off the fleas thoroughly.

Anti-flea pills
Consult a vet to purchase anti-flea pills like Capstar for fast and hassle-free removal of fleas. Upon ingestion, fleas will be rid off as quickly as 30 minutes! If you find it hard to make your cat swallow it, you can hide it within your cat’s wet food.

Homemade Anti-flea Shampoo
As much as this can be purchased off the shelf, I strongly recommend that you make your own as you won’t want your pet and your family to be exposed to harmful chemicals that may be present in those shampoos. In fact, homemade remedies are known to be as good as or even more effective than those sold outside! One simple recipe you can try is mixing one cup of normal pet shampoo with a cup of vinegar and another cup of water. After your cat recovers from flea infestation, you can continue to wash it once a fortnight or so using this recipe as well.

Vacuum your house
Fleas don’t just live on your furry pets, they are almost everywhere your cat has been in contact with! So in order to eradicate them fully, be sure to vacuum your entire house! Focus on your couch, carpets and yard, where fleas can easily hide. Take note of dark areas and corners as well as fleas hate light.

Wash your cat’s bedding
Wash and soak your cat’s bedding thoroughly with detergent and warm water regularly.
Follow these 5 steps religiously and I guarantee you will have a cat free and happy from fleas!

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