Thursday, May 27, 2010

Removing Fleas Easily

Have you always wondered how to get rid of fleas so those pesky little creatures don't bother you anymore? Well, wonder no more because I'm gonna show you some tricks on removing fleas easily!

But first, lets talk a little about fleas and what they are. After all, understanding your enemy is part of the strategy to eradicate it totally. Fleas are tiny, (up to an inch long) has great agility and are insects that are usually dark colored and wingless. They have mouth that resembles tubes. They can attack your pets and you as well!

The first step to getting rid of fleas is of course, to ascertain there are fleas. The most noticeable place where you can find fleas on your pet are in its tail or the back of the neck. Do a thorough comb through with your fingers and try to spot the fleas (with your hands) and your eyes.

The first thing to do when you spot fleas is to clean all suspected areas that were or are contaminated with those insects. Do this by thoroughly washing all cages, sofas, coaches, tables and 'stuff' that might have come in possible contact with the fleas.

One simple 'trick' is to fill a bowl of water with soap and place it directly under a lamp near 'ground zero'. The fleas are attracted to the light and will jump straight to their watery doom. Smart eh?

Another surer and quicker way would simply be to use flea control productson the infected area. Just spray some magic juice and presto the fleas are gone!

Good luck in your flea hunting adventure. You might also wanna read this other blog post on how to prevent your pet from being infested by fleas