Monday, March 1, 2010

How To Prevent Your Pet From Being Infested By Fleas

It is important that you know how to prevent fleas, and kill fleas permanently, do not let them come back to infest your pet or your house. Fleas are harmful pest which live on the host animal, and suck the blood of the host. By doing so, the fleas can badly harm the health of your pet and cause your pet to have a low immune system and can fall sick easily.

In order to have good flea control and prevent fleas from coming back, you will need to make sure that you follow these necessary steps:

1) Try to prevent your pet from walking or playing in muddy areas.
2) Bathe your pet regularly to keep it clean and free from fleas.
3) Do not let your pet go near stray animals as they have a high chance of carrying fleas.
4) Clean your furniture and areas where your pet like to frequent, so as to remove fleas that might be around.

Such procedures are important for you to maintain a flea free house and a healthy pet. You can bathe your pet frequently in homemade shampoo which is effective in removing fleas. Such home remedy is affordable as compared to the chemical shampoos that you find in pet shop. In addition, it is less harmful on your pet as well.

You can create your own vinegar shampoo by mixing half a cup of vinegar, with half a cup of dishwashing soap, and fill the tub up with warm water to bathe your pet. Get rid of fleas permanently today!


  1. Another tip if your animals have fleas is to vaccum thoroughly & regularly to remove the flea dirt, hair & debris that make up the diet of the larval fleas as well as sucking up the eggs, larvae and cocoons. Fleas lay their eggs on their host but instead of sticking to the animal these will drop to the ground so it is important to control the internal and external environments that your animal frequents.

  2. what is the vinegar shampoo supposed to do?
    we did all this and still they are crawling around
    how often are you supposed to wash the dogs in this shampoo concaction? daily weekly or?