Monday, February 1, 2010

Kill Fleas Using Safe Home Remedies

Fleas are a type of annoying pest which plagues both humans and animals. There are many different types of chemical products out in the market which can help you to kill fleas. However, most people would prefer using home remedies to get rid of fleas because chemicals can hurt both human and your pets as well. Therefore, it would be a wiser choice to consider the effectiveness of home remedies.

The market products which claim to remove fleas permanently do not always give us the expected results. In fact, the short lived extermination of fleas and the accompanying side effects can cause much more frustration than the fleas. Some poison from those chemicals can be very useful in killing fleas; however it could pose a greater long term threat to the health of your family members and pets.

Home remedies are still the way to getting rid of fleas at home. First of all, you would need to maintain high level of cleanliness by cleaning your house, both indoors and outdoors at least once a week. Make sure that you vacuum on a daily basis, especially on the carpet floors, rugs, and areas where your pet loves to visit. Vacuuming everyday can be a hustle, however, that is the price to pay one must pay to keep pets.

Of course, one of the reasons your pet attracts fleas is because of its low immune system. It is advisable to provide your pet with diets rich in essential fatty acids which can strengthen their immune systems. Do remember to wash your pet’s bedding on a regular basis as well to keep fleas away from your house and pet. Kill fleas today and make your house flea-free permanently.

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